Rustbucket dropped from 2018 VACX Series

Just bad luck all around – the promoter (Colston Jones) worked super hard to get the city of Norfolk to understand that they couldn’t change their minds at the last minute and pull an already agreed upon date from him….and then they kept doing it.  So what started as November 11, moved to December 2, then 15, and then 29 is apparently now probably going to be December 29 – but NOT as a VACX series race.  After consulting with officials and the VACA board, I made the decision to remove Rustbucket as a 2018 series race.  We couldn’t reasonably expect any of our racers to have to choose between holiday plans/travel with family and a cross race…..and with that effectively having been the finals race, that’s likely what we would have had.  So in the interest of not causing family discord, we’re just dropping it for this season.  BUT – the race will likely still happen, so if you’re available then you should definitely go.  It was non-series both last year and the year before and we all went and had a great time.  So come on out and support the Rustbucket crew if you’re in the area.  We’ll get Norfolk buttoned up tight for next year in the meantime.