And that’s a wrap.

Well, the fat lady would probably be singing but she’s probably hiding out somewhere where it’s warm and not still snowing.  What a season that was.  Constant threats from tropical storms, rain, nervous parks departments, rain, and oh yeah – rain.  All to be finished off in a giant snowstorm.  Fitting, right?  It’s unfortunate that the weather chased some folks away for the Finals race at Darden Towe (present company included) but it doesn’t appear that it was any less awesome.  As expected.  And with that, I present your 2018 VACX Series winners:

Men’s 4/5:  Neil Etheridge

Junior 9-14:  Ethan Morris

Women’s 35+:  Denelle Grant

Women’s 4/5:  Deborah Shearer

Men’s 40+:  Cameron Holland

Men’s 50+:  Gary Roach

Single Speed:  Matt Clements

Women’s 3/4:  Johanna Neuber

Junior 15-18:  Michael Mason

Men’s 3/4:  Kyle Konopnicki

Women’s 1/2/3:  Avanell Scales

Men’s 1/2/3:  Matt Clements


2018 Team Champions:  Rogue Velo Racing


One. To. Go!

We’re down to the wire folks – one race left in the 2018 VACX season, and STILL multiple categories undecided.  Will we see a snowy finisher?  Will it feel like, well – Charlottesville in December?  You need to be at Darden Towe this Sunday to see how it pans out.  Does Cam Holland hang on in the 40+ Masters for the title?  Can Tom Richeson come from behind to win his 2nd consecutive 50+ title?  Will Matt Clements be on hand to attempt the ever elusive DOUBLE category win for 2018?  Anyone think Greg Wittwer will have something to say about that?  Does Denelle Grant come out to do a victory lap for her what, like 4th consecutive Women’s 35+ masters title?  Will the fans be treated to the former U.S. National Champion and 2018 VACX Women’s elite winner Avanell Scales mixing it up with the VACX’s best?  Those answers and more at Darden Towe on Sunday!