New race format for 2012

The classes and race durations have changed slightly. There’s a Men 4 and 3/4. There’s a women 4 and 3/4. The Women 40+ now runs w/ the W4s, but is 30m long. BUT 40+ women can also race either the 3/4 or 1/2/3. There’s a Singlespeed class running with Masters Men. Lots of chances to double up for just about everyone.

Suggested schedule for the series:
9:30am (M4)
M4 – 30m

10:15am (J15, W40+, W4, J10)
J15-18 – 30m
W40+ – 30m
W4 – 30m
J10-14 – 30m

11:00am (M35+, M45+, SS)
M35+ – 45m
M45+ – 45m
Singlespeed – 45m
12:00pm Lunch break12:30pm (W123, W34)

W123 – 45m
W34 – 45m

1:30pm (M34)
M34 – 45m

2:30pm (M123)
M123 – 60m

The full rules will be posted on the VCA site soon- but the changes that affect riders are noted above.

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