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Full Luray CX results have been posted on the Results and Standings page.  In addition, you’ll find links to the updated series standings for each respective category.  Have fun getting all analytical with it.  Keep in mind – there are instances where something might not look correct to you, or the series results may be in question.  One thing that YOU can do to help me keep things all pretty are to double check the results once they’re posted and let me know about any inconsistencies, misspelled names, etc.

Every now and then what the promoter submits may not necessarily match your BikeReg profile…PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK RESULTS when they are posted.  This is going to save a lot of your tears and my frustration at the end of the season.  Sound good?

2016 VACX Series Final Podiums

Congrats to our 2016 series winners!  Looking forward to seeing you all defend your titles next year…

VACX Team Champion
Rogue Velo Racing

Cat 4/5 Men
1. Elijah Shipp
2. Colin Fischer
3. Gert-Jan Duine

35+ Women
1. Denelle Grant
2. Donna Wolf
3. Laura Pyle

Cat 4 Women
1. Laura Leaton
2. Adrien Arnold
3. Jessica Lehman

Juniors 9-14
1. Ethan Morris
2. AJ Holliday
3. David Carey

1. Eric Crandell
2. Joe Fish
3. Jerry Hadley

35+ Men
1. Jason Plank
2. Adam Northup
3. John Emanuel

45+ Men
1. Tom Richeson
2. Dave Chamblin
3. Jimmy Deaton

Cat 1/2/3 Women
1. Denelle Grant
2. Avanell Schmitz
3. Laura Pyle

Juniors 15-18
1. James Lloyd
2. Anna Powell
3. Ryan Scott

Cat 3/4 Women
1. Maggie Barton
2. Stephanie Lamb
3. Laura Leaton

Cat 3/4 Men
1. Chris Lang
2. James Doyle
3. Jon Fields

Cat 1/2/3 Men
1. Greg Wittwer
2. Adam Croft
3. Clayton Travis
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