And now for a little break in the action…

So we actually have some break built into the schedule until the next series race (Oct 13 in Richmond).  But fear not – there’s still plenty of CX action to be found in the region.  Check out the following series below to keep those legs fresh until we resume in a few weeks!

MABRA/Super8Series Schedule

See you all in Richmond on October 13!

And We’re Off!

Thanks to everyone who came out to race, spectate, enjoy some Deschutes beer, etc this past weekend at GoCross.  According to the endless droves of people in and out, I’d say that it was a huge success!  Give us a couple of days to get your updated VACX results posted – you’ll find them here as well as on the VACX Facebook page.

Next up – Luray CX!  If you haven’t already registered, get on over to BikeReg and settle up!

One. To. Go!

This Sunday, the 2017 VACX season wraps up with the finals race at Shields Lake in Richmond.  There are MULTIPLE categories that are still not yet decided – make sure you sign up and come out to race.  Will you make the final podium?  Are you in the running for the 2017 champions jersey?  All this will be answered THIS Sunday.  See you there!


And now we’re rolling…

Full Luray CX results have been posted on the Results and Standings page.  In addition, you’ll find links to the updated series standings for each respective category.  Have fun getting all analytical with it.  Keep in mind – there are instances where something might not look correct to you, or the series results may be in question.  One thing that YOU can do to help me keep things all pretty are to double check the results once they’re posted and let me know about any inconsistencies, misspelled names, etc.

Every now and then what the promoter submits may not necessarily match your BikeReg profile…PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK RESULTS when they are posted.  This is going to save a lot of your tears and my frustration at the end of the season.  Sound good?