That’s it folks – the 2019 VACX Season is a wrap. Thanks to everyone for yet another great season of cyclocross racing in Virginia. We missed some old favorites, added a couple of new venues, and once again danced around and between the rain (and snowmaking?!). Anyway, we appreciate everyone’s support – stay tuned for an upcoming VACX “summit” in the Richmond area in the not too distant future (will be posted in the VACX Facebook page). Anyone who’d like to attend is welcome – we’d like to solicit your feedback and let you know what we’re looking at for the 2020 edition. See you then. And with that, I give you your 2019 VACX Series Champions!

Mens 4/5 – Earl Smith

Junior 9-14 – Ethan Morris

Women 4/5 – Allison Duvall

Women 35+ Masters – Denelle Grant

Men 40+ Masters – Richard Serton

Men 50+ Masters – Tom Richeson

Singlespeed – Mike Lipka

Women 3/4 – Mary Still

Women 1/2/3 – Johanna Neuber

Junior 15-18 – Samuel Lang

Men 3/4 – Mike Buehring

Men 1/2/3 – Thomas Carey

Team Champions – Rogue Velo Racing